With a wide selection of modern and classic styles, Home & Garden showrooms are full of home inspiration. From our exceptional quality plants and shrubs to our superb garden furniture and barbecues, we have a huge range of carefully selected products to compliment your garden and home. With years worth of expertise and knowledge behind us, we are proud of our reputation for great products, incredible value and first class service. We have an outstanding team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to answer your questions. As a company we aim to push the boundaries of a garden center, both in our products and customer service.

It begins with a vision of what your home could be. With our depth of collective experience and wealth of reliable resources, makes us capable of building a sustainable landscape of any size, to any specifications, to meet customer requirements and to deliver their vision. Individual needs and specific project requirements are the focus of our consultation and design services. Our design process and delivery strength includes the capacity to work in sync with customer timeline. Our work process is informative, collaborative, and rewarding, as we progress through all the design stages to bring customer vision to life.

Commercial Landscaping is an art and practice of enhancing the appearance and aesthetic appeal of the area surrounding your office or workplace. We provide a complete landscape solution for property owners eliminating the need for multiple contractors.

Landscape maintenance is the art of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive, typically in a garden, yard, park, residential /commercial building or farm. Utilizing the highest quality products and equipment along with our highly trained and experienced garden care professionals to service all your garden care needs. We will strive to enhance the look of your home or business, making it appealing to your guests or customers.

Home & Garden Boutique is a creative platform with a mission to inspire gifting your loved ones with beautiful plants. Plants are important to the environment, they are good for one’s health, and they are beautiful to decorate every occasion.

More than a decade, Home & garden farms has been perfecting the art and science of propagating plants and trees which are best suited for Kuwait climatic conditions’ produce and offer a comprehensive range of healthy, attractive shrubs, herbs, creepers, flowering plants , fruit plants , perennials, trees, hedging plants, and grass with the best agricultural technology and innovations. We carefully curate our selection of plants to guarantee the best quality plant material.

Capable of enhancing mood, drawing the eye and transforming spaces, plants are powerful tools for interior and exterior design. Our products are perfect for anyone looking to achieve a sophisticated and modern aesthetic that combines flowers and plant life with urban design.