Home & Garden showrooms are boutique style nursery and garden center. We help to make gardening experience satisfying, relaxing and enjoyable. From colorful flowering plant to the perfect shade tree, we have plants to suit every landscape and garden needs.


Our team of certified horticulturists and landscape designers develops customized programs to best suit the needs of every property and enhance its natural environment. Our design and installation team are capable to create a dazzling landscape for your property that will not only add beauty and value to your property, but also provide a lasting first impression for everyone that fits the property and budget. We understand that every site presents unique opportunities. The most successful plans result in distinctive spaces that work in context and scale with the architecture, the client’s personal style and the surrounding environment.


Greenery and pots elements draw the eye and a fantastic addition to any indoor or outdoor spaces. The right amount of greenery in the right planters can have a wonderful effect on boosting comfort, relaxation, and productivity.


Find a wide selection of top-quality outdoor plants to add instant color and impact to every type of garden. All plants available from our online Shop, including shrubs, grasses and herb plants that have been carefully grown at our own Home & Garden farms in Wafra and are dispatched directly from the nursery. Our plants are shipped with care and experience. We’ve learned how to keep plants at the right temperature, protect their roots, and keep them healthy while they travel from our greenhouse to your home. Our innovative packaging holds plants securely in place, preventing damage and decreasing soil spillage.


With a land area crossing 200,000 SQM, Home & Garden farms possess the State of Art facilities to grow plants and trees. Our climate-controlled greenhouse creates the ideal environment to meet the specific needs of our different crops. Through our dedication to innovation, we are able to produce healthier plants more efficiently and reduce our impact on the environment. Proudly continuing to innovate and adopt new technologies so that future generations can always enjoy our beautifully grown plants.


We value our employees and we provide them with opportunities to achieve, and together this produces results. The accomplishment that the management feel strongest about has been building an ever stronger sense of company family, with recognition and reward for achievement. The company developed an annual awards presentation to recognize team members for their contributions. The management believes strongly in developing the next generation of leaders in the company and sees appreciation, loyalty and recognition as ways to show that no contribution is small.


We are well equipped with a fleet of multimodal transportation solutions to ensure all plants and trees are delivered in the best conditions on time.