Home and Garden showrooms are boutique style nurseries and garden centers. We aim to make gardening an enjoyable experience to all. We have plants that suit every garden’s needs from the most colorful flowers to the most mesmerizing trees.


Our team of certified horticulturists and landscape designers develop personalized plans that best suit each property’s needs and enhances its natural environment. Our design and installation team are capable of creating astonishing landscapes for your property that will not only add beauty and value, but also influences guests to positive impressions. The most successful executions result in distinctive spaces that work in context and scale with the architecture, the client’s style and the surrounding environment.


Elements of greenery can easily draw eyes and to be a great addition to any indoor or outdoor area. Choosing the right plants and pots that compliment your space is having a positive effect on comfort, relaxation and productivity.


Home And Garden’s Webstore is the customer’s own virtual store. Now our clients have the option to shop our entire collection through our online store. The Webstore enables the customers to browse a wide range of products and services available along with a complete description of the product specifications, features, and prices. The Webstore offers delivery across Kuwait within 2-3 days with a return/exchange policy to be done within three days for natural plants and 14 days for all other products. Customer support services are available 24/7 for the webstore.


With an area as large as 200,000 square meters, Home and Garden farms possesses the sufficient facilities for plants and trees. Our climate-controlled greenhouse is the ideal environment for our plants and caters to its needs. With dedication and innovation, we can produce plants in a healthier and more efficient way. We continue to adopt new technologies to preserve our value in innovation and allow the future generations to take part in the beauty of plants.


At Home and Garden, we value our employees and provide them with the necessary tools and opportunities for them to achieve the greatest outcomes. We take pride in the family we created within the company and recognize and reward all their achievements. An annually held award event is done to recognize our team members for their many contributions and growth and to show appreciation for their loyalty.


We are well equipped with a fleet of different transportation solutions to ensure all plants and trees are delivered in the best conditions on time.